With a lifelong passion for cars, Tony started in the automotive business at a young age and worked his way up to different levels along the way. In 1994, Tony began his career in the industry servicing and detailing cars for an independent shop. Throughout college, Tony utilized his entrepreneurial skills and built a portfolio of personal customers where he would detail their high-end vehicles. Expanding on his previous endeavors, Tony transitioned to a BMW dealer where he was employed to work in the Parts and Service Department. This experience  allowed him to gain valuable knowledge and experience within large dealership operations.

Tony Kasser, Owner, The Park at Whiteland

Tony Kasser, Owner, The Park at Whiteland & Kasser Motor Group

Over 30 years of experience

In 2002, Tony took his knowledge and love for cars to the sales floor where he was a salesman for 5 years at a MINI dealer. Here, Tony won many awards for outstanding Customer Satisfaction before being promoted to Finance Manager where he launched the first finance department at that dealership. Tony was a valued and respected employee there for almost a decade. His salesmanship, knowledge, and enthusiasm led him to be handpicked by the owner of the local Ferrari dealer to not only improve their sales team, but to also set up their finance department.

Continuously expanding his skillset, Tony spent two years with Ferrari & Maserati before becoming the General Manager of a high end independent dealer.

30+ years in the industry of working with high end vehicles led Tony to open a facility as he saw a need for customers to have a safe place where they could store their cars year round. Thus, The Park at Whiteland was born.

After the birth of TPAWL, to further put his expertise to use for his customers while incorporating sales experience, he created the Kasser Motor Group.

I highly recommend the park at Whiteland, Tony Kasser’s car storage/care business to anyone who values highly “A” space storage for their valued automobiles. Tony genuinely and sincerely cares about his clients enjoyment of their investment.

Reid W.

Where do I start Tony, It only took us 10 minutes to make a deal!His facility is full of fascinating cars and I look forward to visiting again. It’ll be an experience I’ll remember and share with friends and family for years to come. 

Edwin R.

Excellent experience dealing with Tony at Kasser Motor Group. Very upfront, honest and no pressure. The cars are all very well sorted and in superb condition. Really nice auto storage facility as well.

Jeff M.